Sanjib Subba

Chief Executive Officer

Message from CEO 

Since its inception in 2015 NePS has been leading Card payments solutions in Nepal. 

With more than 3.3 million card holders we generate roughly 100,000 transactions a day moving over 230 billion Rupees annually backed by leading banks of the country.

The state of the art switching technology adopted by the company has enabled many innovative solutions to the delight of our customers, namely NFC enabled Contactless Tap & Pay, Card-less ATM withdrawal, Green PIN, Cash Recycler machine, Web-service where we offer host of innovative and unique services amongst others.

To continue the trend in innovation the company is soon launching many exciting features such as VISA Direct, M-VISA, QR, Virtualization and NFC powered host card emulation amongst others.

With more than 2000 ATMs, 20000 POS and host of e-commerce sites we provide 24/7/365 service.

To sync with changing trends in the payment industry and contribute to the vision of Financial Inclusion the company has now established new vertical on Digital Innovation. The digital vertical aims to bring new age banking solutions bundling payment interface as well digital banking platform thus offering truly Omni channel experience powered by Super App

NePS is committed to play leadership role in fintech space of Nepal.